About Event

The Best of Nigeria Expo took place on Tuesday 14th August 2018 with exhibitors from Lagos, Ogun and Oyo-State arriving at the A I H Corporate Centre as early as 7.30am to set up for what was to be a new dawn of great things for young Nigerian Entrepreneurs. The colourful event exposed the tremendous potential amongst Nigerian youths in the most distinct and inspiring manner. The event was a true showcase of the very best of Nigeria.


The level of enthusiasm and excitement was palpable in the air as exhibitors prepared for the Young Entrepreneurs Expo. Some had arrived as early as 7.30am to set up and the overall outcome was to all their delight. Exhibitors left the grounds expressing total satisfaction  

Fashion Show

Guests present at the Best of Nigeria Young Entrepreneurs Expo were taking by surprise as the fashion show commenced, most confessed that they had never witnessed such a glamorous fashion presentation in the City of Ibadan as elegantly dressed young ladies and sartorial looking gentlemen filed out on the red carpet in display of both Western and authentic Nigerian outfits. It was truly a sight to behold

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