Northern Nigeria Investment Forum partners with Best of Nigeria

Northern Nigeria presents unimaginable investment opportunities to prospective investors in sectors such as Agriculture, Mining, Infrastructural development, Education and much more.

The Northern Nigeria Investment Forum provides a detailed roadmap to prospective investors wishing to explore viable investment opportunities within the region.

“Our main objective is to help navigate investors through the pathway of investing in Northern Nigeria” states Barrister Bashir Maidugu, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Northern Nigeria Investment Forum.

Maidugu believes based on his vast experience in investment promotions that what most prospective investors need is a reasonable understanding of the business dynamics that operates within the geographical terrain of set opportunities, stressing that this can only be appreciated once they are educated on the local business ethics.

The Northern Nigeria Investment Forum plans to attend the Best of Nigeria Events with a significant number of its members that constitute States in the North and leading businesses. He goes on to say…… ‘I have worked very closely with Prince Afolabi Andu, the CEO of Visage PR and l know the stock he is made of”.

“We have no doubt that our partnership with his formidable platform is bound to generate the desired results we so dearly need and as such we intend to attend and participate at both the Summit and Exhibition in a very prominent manner” end quote Barrister Maidugu