Energy Firm partners with Visage PR

ICE Commercial Power, a leading renewable energy company in Nigeria is partnering with Visage PR to create greater awareness and solutions on solving Nigeria’s epileptic electricity crisis by scaling solar micro grids. In what promises to bring an unprecedented sustainable impact on the productive sector of the economy, the co-founder of ICE, Ifeanyi Umejei expresses his delight on their involvement with Visage PR through his firm’s European debut and also co-sponsorship at the forthcoming Nigerian-British Economic Summit / Best of Nigeria Expo, events taking place on the 30th November and 1st December 2018 at the Grand Connaughts Rooms, in Central London.

The country currently generates less than 4000 mega watts of electricity, which is evidently inadequate to propel businesses and drive the country’s GDP through local production. Experts had advocated renewable energy sources as an alternative to the power grid with its groaning supplies.

American trained Ifeanyi lauded the vision of Visage PR in promoting brands and setting them on course for enduring impacts, especially in growing indigenous companies by creating global visibility. “There’s very clear indication that Nigeria’s growth potential is astronomical, but not without the help of organizations like Visage PR..” he stated.

Visage PR in line with its focus strategy continues to project viable and vibrant Nigerian brands through the Best of Nigeria Expo platform both within and outside Nigeria. Only recently the organisation held the Nigerian edition where amazing innovations, skills and talents were on display in the ancient and historical city of Ibadan, Nigeria.

Prince Afolabi Andu, the CEO of Visage PR, has been at the forefront of championing innovations and promoting young talents that can take over and compete favorably in the global business space. His vision for Visage PR is once again being realized through this inspiring partnership.

ICE’s solar micro grid project will no doubt lift the burden of electricity consumers off the epileptic national grid and help drive businesses nationwide. “We’re currently working on powering over 7000 small businesses in Ondo state and 200 Primary healthcare centers in Edo State,” ICE co-founder said.

The company set up by a group of young dynamic Nigerian’s based in the United States is already setting a blaze in Nigeria that is fast turning it’s brand into a house hold name.